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Program idea Mali

Program ideas Mali

Dogon country

 Program idea Mali

A tour to Mopti/Dogon country.

We travel to Sangha and start our journey through Dogon Country – one of the most extraordinary places on earth and considered the jewel of West Africa.
Now a UNESCO World Heritage site because of its great natural beauty and cultural significance.
landscapes, fascinating culture and welcoming people, a journey to Dogon Country is a memorable experience. Discover our many villages, explore our media galleries and then share your travel tales on our website!
It has a fascinating rocky Sahelian landscape and welcoming people. This journey is simply stunning. Discover villages, galleries and enjoy meeting the Dogons. The Dogons are best know for their mythology, their mask dances, wooden sculpture and unique architecture.

Dogon Country starts south of the Niger in the Mopti region.

We will also visit Songho, known for its rock paintings and groot